I've this application that there are a listing view inside the tab activity. This application is really a texting application. It does not really send the content, it simply saves it towards the database and also the database displays the content in list view where one can edit it/remove and/or resend it.

Then when the consumer taps around the send button the content is saved towards the SQLite Database and also the data around the database displays on list view. I've two tabs, one because the history/sent messages or even the list view and also the other the first is new message or editing page. How do you place their email list view which has the database in tab activity?

I have only an easy code for a listing view and that i replicated the database within the http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/notepad/notepad-ex3.html. Well essentially i simply edited their work since the tutorial has everything I want, editing, removing and storing, the issue is the way the list look at database inside a tab activity.

What's the problem . create Activity having a ListView ,set Adapter (CursorAdapter is more suitable) increase TabSpec , now addTab .

ApiDemoes is going to be enough to obtain more idea .