My project is really a customer application for any College, that essentially shows places and occasions on the map, and enables the customers to have interaction with each other by looking into making posts with advice/recommendations/questions and so forth.

To date I have been testing out items of code seperately (lists, tabs, the fundamentals), following a android lessons and seeking things personally. My issue is that I am unsure how you can mix all of the items of code into one project.

I understand that I have to create a database, along with a map (using OSM instead of google). The database will store info on places, occasions, and posts that customers make. With co-ordinate information because they have to go into the spotlight. This post is also displayed in seperate tabs - e.g. a listing of places.

My issue is that I'm not sure how this can all fit together. Should i have seperate courses of instruction for the database, inhabiting the lists, and exhibiting into the spotlight? Or would they be in one class?

I am a little hazy how the classes and activities are likely to communicate, too. Right now I am thinking the database object will get passed towards the listviews and mapview, which in turn take and display a few of the information?

Any advice regarding how to cobble these components together could be much appreciated. :D

I believe I will have to subclass SQLiteOpenHelper for my database, so it'll have to be its very own class? I am considering using OSMdroid for that map, which I am unsure how you can do yet. And everything must be in the tabview.

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Your real question is very vague and broad, and prone to get closed as "not really a big issueInch - It is best to take problems 1 by 1 and request specific questions in the process and encounter problems. Attempt to consider your condition during these terms: what is the minimal factor I have to have it to complete the one thing I would like. Bear in mind that ANYTHING for you to do can be done, the primary question to request on your own is: give me an idea the application to complete exactly? Consider the amount of different screens (activities), and just how they'd communicate to one another (whenever you click XXX, which will make you YYY, and so forth). One advice: begin slowly, it is easy to obtain hidden in an excessive amount of complexity, especially becasue it is the first project. It may rapidly become very complex, despite an easy concept.

While you did not specify your height of knowledge of coding, it's tough to provide precise advices: but coding an android application is not so not the same as a "regular" application, having a web or Swing or C# interface. And So I would counsel you to discover OO programming generally, such things as composition, inheritance, encapsulation, dependency injection, unit-testing, etc.

Then start writing basics Activity for the primary view, write its layout, and add sights and graphical elements into it. Adding the listener code for the icons, which will generate Intents with other Activity.

Adding a DatabaseHelper when you wish in order to save stuff inside a database (that come later, to start with, you can easily "stub" the interactions to some database, by writing what you will save to db on the watch's screen using Toast for instance).

All objects could be injected into other objects by passing a mention of the them, either at construction time or through setters.

Sorry to not become more precise, when i stated it is a very vague question.