My application includes preloaded data. Right now, I've got a txt file within the 'raw' folder. The file has around 1MB of sql instructions which are processed once the application begins the very first time. I wish to possess some kind of an internet-service which i could call and download this file (rather than affixing it towards the apk). I've produced couple of web-services in PHP previously. However, this time around, I must consider the toughness for the service because my application has around 70,000 downloads per month and it is rising.

Would you let me know which kind of the website hosting could be ideal during my situation? Does normal 'unlimited hosting' could be reliable and efficient enough? What must i consider when purchasing the the best web-hosting?

Thanks, marqs

'Unlimited' hosting is always an awful idea. Seriously, regardless of how it's top quality (unmetered or whatever) it'll always return to bite you, generally included in an SLA or just hidden charges.

Personally, i believe that the best choice is always to stick the file around the cloud. Have a look at Amazon's services, particularly S3. This could most likely the very best and many cost-effective selection for you.

Obviously, this only is applicable if you're serving that file (or other static file). If you are searching for more dynamic options you can still have a look at cloud computing where you'll basically obtain a virtual server that's billed on an hourly basis it's on.

70,000/mo is not really much traffic for any single file, but anymore is certainly not appropriate for any hosting that is shared atmosphere.

Most likely not. Most cheap website hosting firms that offer 'unlimited' bandwidth will often have some fair use limit inside.

You will find two ways you can go, because you only actually need file hosting and never full web-hosting

Server: Virtual Private, Devoted, or Power grid-Service

  • Search for a business that provides a great uptime guarantee
  • Make certain they are obvious about bandwidth/prices - you won't want to be billed large numbers if you achieve an average spike in downloads.

Content Delivery Network

These exist purely for everyone content, and serve it fast. Most may have servers in a number of locations where will cache your articles to be able to serve it to local customers rapidly.