I want outside assistance with architecture design. Lengthy story short:

  1. i download some data (text for labels, configurations for application, occasions for calendar itp ) via relaxation from the server. I persist that data via ormlite during my database.
  2. In beginning I've new thread for my relaxation stuff, and new thread for my database stuff. Now I create android plan to be mindful about relaxation (services are create in application start, in global Application and repair can be obtained for those my activities)

My real question is:

  • should my service handle database stuff also?
  • Is an excessive amount of for plan to be invoke, start new thread and download data from relaxation after which save it to db?
  • Should my service just download data, Persist data out off service?

Also I want outside assistance with this question:

  • how must i pass data downloaded from the relaxation to my application. ( objects are large, frequently they're collections)
  • I ought to pass it via intent (parcelable object) when service download things i need ?
  • or must i user Global Application and employ global variable that hold downloaded stuff?
  • or must i just persist it to db , so when I want it simply load from database ?