I've got a problem exhibiting the swedish figures "åäö", read from the database, during my android application.

I've produced the database while using sqlite3 command-prompt spend and also the figures display properly there. Also "åäö" which aren't read in the database display properly within the application.

I've looked everywhere and that i can't think about an answer. I have tryed different encodings on my small database text however it does not appear to operate.

You don't mention regardless if you are using javaScript/PhoneGap or Java to talk with Sqlite in Android. // Yes, I understand PhoneGap is applying Java too.

If you work with pure Java, you best browse the link that follows as there has been some updates to how Java handles utf-8 encoding. Effected versions are: JDK7, Open JDK 6, JDK 6 update 1, JDK5.0u17, and 1.4.2_19. So far as I realize, the Java version in Android follows the brand new regime.

Reference: http://blogs.oracle.com/CoreJavaTechTips/entry/the_overhaul_of_java_utf

You mention you have attempted different encodings for that database, however you don't mention whether you have carried out this through Android or from cmd/gui in your desktop.

Anyhow, I provides you with some pointers. You most likely know all this already, but I’ll include it anyway.


As Tapirboy pointed out in the comment, make certain you've set the smoothness encoding for whatever view you're using. For HTML5 it can be done such as this:

<meta charset="UTF-8">


It's also wise to make certain that you have, and therefore are using, an utf-8 compatible font in Android. The default DroidSans.ttf is capable of doing drawing utf-8 figures for those western languages.

In CSS the font-family ought to be set to “Droid Sans” not “droidsans”.


Check character encoding in sqlite:

PRAGMA encoding;

Setting character encoding in sqlite:

PRAGMA encoding = "UTF-8";


<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

While you, I’m developing Android programs in other languages than British. During my situation it’s Norwegian and Thai.

I've set the smoothness encoding to utf-8 for Sqlite, webview and javaScript, using PhoneGap 1.1. and jQuery 1.6.4, and also have no problems exhibiting Norwegian and Thai figures in Android Emulator.

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