I'm developing an Android application that's linked right into a Wordpress site. I'm attempting to hand out customers an authenticaton step that will require rather than input their account information in to the application to authenticate the individual comes with an account around the wordpress site.

I think I'm signing in effectively towards the site. After I place the correct account information my output steam prints a UTF-8 encoded, what looks to become, website

01-17 18:16:28.884: D/output(8231): redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fzoombella.crontab.se&log=curtis&pwd=password&wp-submit=Log+In.

Basically intentionally place it in wrong it returns the HTML of the entire web page, probably wordpress-login.php's output.

My real question is: How do i tell, through Java, that Wordpress continues to be effectively drenched into? Can there be something inside a header?

I've examined response codes, consider the website redirects on failure rather than coming back a 4## error, I recieve 200 regardless of what.

Sounds in my experience just like you are attempting to talk to the standard web site. Wordpress comes with an xml-rpc API for externals applications. Take a look at the worpress documentation .