I produced a SQLite database on Android device. This program can seeOrcreate to database therefore the database file has clearly been produced. The SQLiteDatabase.mPath is placed to

db.mPath = "/data/data/dev.client.android/databases/clientDB.db"

however when I see the sites around the device I can not locate the file clientDB.db. I looked inside data directory however it seems to become empty.

Does anybody know what is wrong here?

Should you mean you visited /data and located nothing inside it, and you're simply analyzing an regular bit of Android hardware, that's expected. DDMS doesn't have permission to search through /data.

However, a minimum of in case your application is put together in debug mode, you should use the adb pull command in the console to download your file directly.

In debug mode you should use adb spend and study your directory content. Within the spend you are able to call sqlite3 /data/data/dev.client.android/databases/clientDB.db to analyse the DB.

try getDatabasePath on ContextWrapper ( http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/ContextWrapper.html ). If you're within an Activity or Application class try:

File dbFile = getDatabasePath(MY_DB_NAME);

Just presuming its in /data/data/my.package.title/databases/ isn't good as there's no ensure the data is not gone to live in the Sdcard or even the device/OS just made the decision on the different data directory.