How do you host an internet site for that public, but can't be tracked to just one Ip?

I had been convinced that if there is this type of system such as this, it might be feasible for websites like Wikileaks not to be shutdown.

I required a glance at I2P however it appears enjoy it requires individuals to use a large body fat Java client to go to websites about the network.

You could utilize Freenet, althought that's not quite an ordinary website.

Also, there's Tor, however i think that's only for anonymous browsing, not hosting.

The issue is that case difficult on the web because it is. For an individual to gain access to an internet site, they need to be aware of Ip. Freenet and I2P fix this issue, but there's not a way this can be done about the standard Internet.

Phishing regularly performs this. They form a botnet of 100s or 1000's of Computers, put a small webserver on each one of these, after which send emails to individuals referencing different infected computer systems (sometimes a round-robin DNS that is quickly transformed can be used).

In by doing this there is no single server, host, or IP to seal them lower.