I am wishing that somebody will have the ability to recommend a great webhost providing you with the next atmosphere. I understand which i could just google for just one, but I am asking here first because I am searching for someone who has previous experience dealing with this type of company.

  1. Linux Box.
  2. Apache 2..
  3. PHP5 (5.2.6 to become exact).
  4. PostGreSQL (8.3.1).
  5. Great technical support who know what they're doing.

Just a little history why I am hunting for a new host. I am doing a bit of freelance PHP work with a customer that presently has his site located by, name begins with H and surname begins with V (for anonymity). I am sure they are a good company, but last evening I could get my first glimpse at their web portal and frankly, it appeared as if it had been coded in 90s also it afraid me.

I am searching for a contemporary webhost (my own website is located by godaddy, and all sorts of the negative that they're going to get, their hosting control center is excellent IMO).

I've already spoken with my client, and they're available to switching website hosts, so there's not a problem there. I am doing my focus on a nearby machine I've setup, so I wish to have the ability to use the technical support to obtain the same server setup. Simple such things as obtaining the correct php extensions enabled and ini file changes. There's also an element of the site which has its access controlled by http authentication, and so i would should also use the technicians to obtain that properly setup. Use of folders outdoors from the web root can also be certainly an advantage (for instance, godaddy doesn't allow this via ftp to my understanding).

The programmer which was formerly focusing on this website spoken a little using the technicians in the current webhost, and also got the sense they couldn't even properly setup the pg_hba.conf file.

I am also searching for a business that either already provides pgPhpAdmin installed, or can correctly edit the pg_hba.conf file to ensure that I might do the installation myself. The variations between your database for that old site and also the new site which i may have finished are pretty substantial, so getting this type of tool will be a huge assistance to me if this involves obtaining the site on the internet and verifying the database is setup properly.

Anyways, sorry for that lengthy winded publish, and appreciate any replies!


Get a VPS hosting. I've only positive encounters to date, that you can do just about everything yourself over SSH. They're very useful and simple. And so they come with an eco-conscious approach that we like greatly.

try webfaction. They provide you with a preinstalled atmosphere (apache, php, postgres) and you will (if you would like) configure everything yourself. Postgres Version is 8.3.1, another version you should check yourself. Webfaction has an excellent support, so I would suggest getting a glance.

The idea is a touch not the same as a vps: For their software your get regular updates. Only when you put in your personal Software (like PHP)(that is possible due to an entire preinstalled build-essential) you need to keeping it yourself.

Not really a programming question! Ah, what the heck, Hawkhost...

Godaddy.com is the greatest and least expensive