After installing my ant during my home windows 7 . In cmd i typed ant -v it's because of the ant version however it states the next also.

Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
Build failed

What is the issue in the system. The way i can rectify this problem?

You need to use ant -version command rather.
The -v choice is same as -verbose option.
See Command-line Options Summary

Basically understand properly, you assumed that -v may be the "print version" command. Look into the documentation, that's not the situation -- rather ant -v is running ant build in verbose mode. So ant is attempting to do your build, in line with the build.xml file, that is clearly not there.

To reply to your question clearly: there's most likely no problem with both system nor ant installation.

You've invoked Ant using the verbose (-v) mode however the default buildfile build.xml doesn't exist. Nor perhaps you have specified every other buildfile for this to make use of.

I'd say your Ant installation is okay.

There might be two situations.

  1. No build.xml exists in the present directory
  2. Your ant configuration file has diffrent title.

Please visit and confim exactly the same. Within the situation one are looking for where your build file is situated as well as in the situation 2, You'll have to run command ant -f <your build file name>.