I keep getting that error, in Command Prompt, despite the fact that I've adopted both online instructions and also the Question solution here ant - not acknowledged as an interior.

I have adopted this: ant.apache.org/manual/install.html and also have downloaded Apache ANt 1.8.2 and hang my variables to C:ant, that is things i was using for that ant install. ANT_HOME was the variable which i was using. I added this onto the atmosphere var "path": %ANT_HOME%bin. I even made another variable and known as it "PATH" and added %ANT_HOME%bin into it. Used to do all of this within the System variables. Following a restart, I drenched in also it still didn't let me make use of the ant -version command to retrieve any details about the ANT install. I've also began several new Command Prompt instances and that i was still being getting a mistake from "ant -version".

My System Variables have both ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME paid for for. C:ant is how my ANT_House is, and so i set the ANT_HOME variable's value to that particular. %JAVA_HOME%bin%ANT_HOME%bin reaches the finish from the 'Path' variable. I resetted my computer making several Command Prompt instances later on, but still does not recognize ANT. I'm able to request Java's information with no difficulty, although not ANT's. Please assist.

I have set the variables properly, as well as set another PATH that is not my original path variable. Please tell me if there's something which I am doing wrong.

so this question could be clarified - according to our discussions I believe the ANT_HOME variable ought to be set to c:ant and never c:antbin so as for this to operate

Just checking:

  • You have to define inside your atmosphere variables ANT_HOME=C:\ant along with the relevant JAVA_HOME set.
  • You'll need inside your PATH %ANT_HOME%\bin in addition to %JAVA_HOME%\bin.
  • You have to verify that ant.bat is within %ANT_HOME%\bin.
  • You are able to take away the @echo off line from ant.bat. It is the first line. By doing this, whenever you type ant like a command, it'll demonstrate all of the instructions being performed.

Check the need for your %PATHEXT% variable. This would be the extensions put into instructions to discover executable instructions.

For instance, mine is


What this means is, it first tries ant.com, then ant.exe, and lastly ant.bat before it executes ant.bat.

What output are you currently given? Are you currently getting ant is not recognized as an internal or external command error?