Back at Tech Erectile dysfunction in 2008, Microsoft introduced that:

IBM and Microsoft have decided to interact to integrate IBM DB2 database access with Visual Studio Team System Database Edition. -- Microsoft Press Release - 6/3/2008

Has anybody seen evidence this has really happened? More to the point, has anybody had success moving DB2 projects to Versus 2010?

We've got some DB2 database projects that depend around the IBM Database Add-inches for Visual Studio 2008. I've been not able to locate any reference to 2010 Add-Inches on IBM's site plus they only offer the add-inches through forums. I requested about Versus 2010 support around the forums and also got no response.

It appears such as the beta for Versus 2010/.internet 4. support is finally out. I'll follow-up after we have done some testing.

DB2 VS 2010 add-in (Beta)