Given /group/14/ with multiviews enabled on group, I recieve a redirect to /group.php, but is 14 passed to PHP in all forms aside from the $_SERVER variables? Ideally, I possibly could understand this inside a query string of some type. I just read areas of the Content Settlement article onto it, but I can not appear to locate any suggestion that this is actually the situation.

Edit: For reasons uknown, that above wasn't obvious. Allow me to repeat the process.

I've group.php which wants an organization id like group.php?id=14. Normally, I'd use URL spinning to possess /group/14/ rewrite to /group.php?id=14. However, within this situation I've multiviews enabled, and also the URL rewrite doesn't trigger. So /group/14/ DOES get delivered to /group.php but doesn't send 14 like a query string. Can there be anyway besides parsing 14 in the $_SERVER['REQUESTED_URI'] will be able to have it with multiviews enabled?

This rule will match:

RewriteRule ^group.php/(.*)$ ./group.php?id=$1 [L,NE]

Getting Multiviews enabled transform the group/14 to group.php/14 (where ${PATH_INFO} is '/14', that is wiser than other $_SERVER vars, but this really is one other issue). Following this first apache internal rewrite (from multiviews) the rewriteRule are run again, and you will then capture the audience.perlOr14.