I would like any internet sites or books only for training on ERD and normalization. I would like lots of sample, practices, and situation studies with suggested solutions, to bolster my skill in database design and steer clear of poor people database designs I have made.

Note: I do not need books to describe the concepts, things i require is practices, good examples, and situation studies with suggested solutions.

Thanks ahead of time.

Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Diagram by Sikha Bagui and Richard Earp ought to be a great beginning point.

The Database Management System lecture series, released through the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), is yet another good resource.

I'd consider Object Role Modelling over ERM using NORMA or some such.

There's select few on linkedin about ORM, too a short discussion over on dbaspot.

For normalization, I'd begin with Wikipedia after which search

I believe the Database Programmer blog may be worth reading through. It's some nice stuff on normalization, but I am sure any tutorial that Google cut back could be sufficient.