I'm creating a small front-finish for any television client. I understand the fundamental database structure but don't want to invest by hand placing all of the funnel names and show names and timings in to the database. What are the sample databases will be able to only use? For example, I'm searching for a database that contains tv related information with some channels, using their logos and possibly the implies that are now being broadcast on these channels.

Have a look at TVRage.com. They've various feeds that could be helpful for you. It isn't complete at all. I am presuming you simply want this for development and debugging?

The BBC comes with an API.

I recall being there myself...

When I did previously work to begin with-up blending and changing TV Guides for broadcast around the Mobile TV, we depended heavily around the seven days of programs supplied by the BBC within the TV-Anytime format: http://backstage.bbc.co.uk/data/7DayListingData?v=16wk

The BBC information is up-to-date every single day also it was probably the most complete supply of TV programs around free of charge (for non-commercial use) in those days (2005-2007).

A lot of our clients used data in the XML TV project (which will come from things i heard, from scrapping TV Guides from HTML pages of tv stations...). It appears in the documentation you need to install and run the program by yourself PC to obtain data feeds.