Can there be any web site that consists of SQL puzzles, tips/methods etc?

Any version of SQL (Oracle, MSSQL etc) is going to do. Would like to solve some general SQL puzzles and wish to explore SQL.

Thanks ahead of time!

I'd recommend getting at a glance at Joe Celko for puzzles. Any articles by him around the internet and the books on SQL will also be really worth reading through.

Try the lessons at sqlzoo.internet

You will find some SQL puzzles on Lionel Clarke's blog.

You will find a couple of others on "Puzzled by T-SQL" blog by Itzik Ben-Gan around the SQL Server Magazine website.

More quiz-style questions than puzzles on http://world wide

SQL Server Central possess a "Question during the dayInch series on their own site.

http://world wide

There's several generic content associated with various T-SQL puzzles on the website here:

http://world wide

I really like this! Here are a few ideas:

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http://world wide

The 'Who lives inside a red-colored house?' type of logic troubles are particularly awesome - try that one?

The Zebra Puzzle

Under Us dot Programmer Puzzles

Many of these puzzles could be solved using tsql.