I authored a credit card applicatoin that presently runs against a nearby demonstration of MySql. I must centralize the DB somewhere around the Internet, and share my application.

But, I am cheap, and don't wish to pay for this. Does anybody are conscious of a totally free on-line relational DB service which i could connect with via C#?

How about http://www.freesql.org ? Appears as if you can not be too picky when you are requesting free, which appears to provide something.

Oops, did not browse the question correctly that point! :P

Haven't attempted this yet, as well as their site states they'd were built with a major crash lately, however it looks promising: http://www.freesql.org/

I have never heard about this type of factor. A couple of years back, many hosts (Brinkster, etc) offered some minimal database capacity using their free website hosting accounts, however i think you'd find it hard to find something of that nature now. Even when you can, most hosts no more permit you to connect with a database (even with an account you are having to pay for) outdoors of the web application running on the server.

My advice is always to cobble together a classic computer and employ that like a database server that you simply exhaust your home (combined without any-ip or some similar service, most likely). If you are have to more horsepower/bandwidth than that, you'll most likely have to suck up and purchase something.

Perhaps you have reviewed http://creator.zoho.com/?
I've not examined it myself but it may be smart to take a look.

Seems like you'll need Amazon SimpleDB...

It isn't free, but prices looks very good. I have not tried on the extender myself, however when I have got a little of free time I would apply it a task I am focusing on.

Maybe you've found an unserviced niche?!

Well, there's http://zymic.com/. They offer free hosting, including free databases. Unsure if you're able to connect with it from outdoors. You will need to make sure that out.