I have been suggested the Click framework from Apache. However I aren't able to find any forums speaking about benchmark, reviews, advantages, disavantages, effectiveness, easy implementation, etc.

I have been requested for doing things to build up an internet site, but I am completly at nighttime about its talents and weak points.

And it is damn title is not helping !! Click ? Hey Apache ! Call the next framework "the" for entertainment. I dare you.

So can anybody discuss his knowledge about Click ?

Things I personally like concerning the Click framework is it is rather near to HTML/HTTP and also the Servlet API. There's no huge abstraction to learn. You've got a Page class, an application class, ... If you want to preserve condition across invocations putting it within the session or else you pass it with the URL... This causes it to be simple to begin using it. It's also straightforward to manage the HTML pages being produced. It might seem like it's a very fundamental framework however the simplicity is really among it finest talents.

Other frameworks (e.g. Seam) tend to be more suitedr to produce a large web application with a lot of multiple-use components and complex pageflows however the learning curve is a lot steeper. So for me personally Click can be useful for promising small to medium-sized websites.

This is an apache incubator project but that doesn't mean the project isn't stable, rather it reflects that it's in transition towards the Apache project model.
Click is Apache's version of the component based web framework equal to JSF (other component base Java Frameworks are Tapestry and Wicket) Click is ranked at Ohloh

There's an official blog plus some Wikipedia references: Framework Comparision and info page