Goal would be to operate a couple of queries against a database on each new build? Has anybody had any luck without needing to put sql in java classes or creating entire new schemas to carry saved procs? Ideally you can some SQLs in separate files that will get run the moment the build completes.

May be using maven,bamboo but would like to hear any encounters/achievements/difficulties that individuals have experienced.

You do not say what tools you utilize for writing you SQL unit tests. If you are using Steven Feuerstein's utplsql tool you need to look at this artcle on Continuous Integration with Oracle PL/SQL, utPLSQL and Hudson. And even when you are not it could provide some helpful experience.

Maybe Team City (Jetbrains) is exactly what you are searching for. It's various build runners, including although not restricted to Ant, MS Build, NUnit, Maven and Command Line.

Just configure a TC-project to hear your svn/git/hg repository for changes, then operate a build: first compilation and when effective then Maven (or whatever). Or which-ever way for you to do it.