I have to conserve a 200 records, 12 column table at very high-speed, can one simply employ boost multiindex to cutoff the sql overhead?

Has anybody ever attempted to get this done? Do you know the cons and pros of these an answer?


A multi-index container is going to be considerably faster than the usual SQL table under certain conditions:

  • Little bit of data in accordance with system memory
  • You don't need to load/keep container regularly
  • Queries/Indexes are known at compile time
  • You are prepared to (or don't have to) handle thread-safety/atomicity

For the best performance you will have to setup indexes on any fields you'll be searching, clearly. If you want to take a look at multiple fields make use of a composite key, because you can't use two separate indexes together.

Should you you don't need to use T-SQL and also you no need in advantages of full SQL server, then you may use multi_index without any problems. Furthermore might be you will need to use custom allocator for the records (pool_allocator or something like that else).