I very lately launched my ASP.Internet MVC based website. I am beginning planning when I have to upgrade hosting. Let me proceed to a cloud computing provider and that i saw that GoDaddy includes a power grid hosting solution in beta.

Anybody attempted to deploy an ASP.Internet MVC web application towards the GoDaddy power grid hosting? If that's the case, how was the knowledge? Based on their help paperwork, it appears a great deal simpler to make use of than other cloud hosting companies.

Thanks ahead of time!

My website is running on GoDaddy Power grid (Home windows/Limitless) and I am using MVC. All appears to be effective, though I've not really observed any elevated reliability within the standard hosting that is shared.

I have seen lots of bad reviews about Godaddy power grid hosting and so i personally haven't attempted it.

If you are thinking about power grid hosting, you should look at the Microsoft Azure platform.

People have used ASP.Internet MVC on Azure: http://world wide web.aaronlerch.com/blog/2008/11/01/run-aspnet-mvc-on-home windows-azure/

Opt for MaximumASP, there is a product known as MaxESP. Take a look: http://world wide web.maximumasp.com/items/cloudhosting/default.aspx