I keep hearing that Lisp is a very productive language, and I am taking pleasure in SICP. Still, I am missing something helpful that will allow me to replace PHP for server-side database interaction in web programs.

Can there be something similar to PHP's PDO library for Lisp or Arc or Plan or among the dialects?

newLISP - http://www.newlisp.org/ - has support for MySQL, however i haven't tried on the extender (newLISP).

newLisp has support for mysql5 and when you appear at the mysql5 function calls, you'll notice that it's near to PDO.

Since nobody has pointed out it, you can test Postmodern, that is an interface to PostgreSQL. It aims for any tight integration with PostgreSQL and thus does not make believe you portability between databases.

I have assemble it with hunchentoot and cl-who and built quite a nice website.

our Common Lisp ORM option would be http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-perec/

the actual SQL lib is http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-rdbms/ (fully examined with PostgreSQL, includes a toy SQlite after sales along with a somewhat examined Oracle after sales)

we began out using CLSQL, but after a little struggle we made the decision to roll our very own.

these libs and PostgreSQL are utilized inside a clustered web application produced for the Hungarian government for planning your budget from the cities. it's about 4000 customers, 500 at look time. a bit more info can be obtained at http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-dwim/

As lengthy as you are varying your Webapp on Lisp, think about using persistence: you have a continuously running Lisp image that holds everything regarding your application. I personnally used Elephant for your.

Elephant may use CL-SQL or BDB as it is after sales, meaning which you can use MySQL for those who have one running. I discovered using SQLite really practical, though.

Cliki is a great resource for Common Lisp libraries: http://www.cliki.net/database

There's a task named Elephant (http://common-lisp.net/project/elephant/index.html), that is an abstraction for object persistence in CL.

If you are pleased with SQL in your existence, CL-SQL supplies a mapping into Near objects. It seems to become elderly than Elephant.

I am utilizing it by myself website.

We use SBCL, UCW, CL-SQL and MySQL as our back-finish for Paragent.com. It's labored perfectly for all of us. We have many clients using UCW/CL-SQL/MySQL for custom sites we've built them through our talking to arm Bitfauna.

I have had good results with SBCL and CL-SQL. CL-SQL includes a object mapping API, however i used the plain SQL API which simply returns lists which labored good enough. As well as in the Clojure language, you communicate with JDBC via a maps or structs , so a produced class library does not enable you to get any simpler code, the word what handles it nicely. In my opinion, there's less cruft between lisp and sql than between more static languages and sql.