During my area PHP is extremely common, same with .Internet. Ruby less most places haven't heard about it. For many personal a few things i am "forced" to select Rails because I wish to make the most of Heroku - a chance to deploy and scale about the cloud effortlessly may be the primary reason. Also, they provide a little FREE plan will be able to use for demo sites or, within this situation, for my business' static page like a totally bootstrapped startup I've maybe $50 approximately in initial capital and can't manage to pay monthly costs while I am getting began.

What are the similar choices for other languages? Particularly, I like the little, 5MB site free of charge that Heroku offers - can there be anything like this for PHP and/or .Internet? I am not really that worried about the "cloud" part, but that might be a pleasant bonus. If there's, I would have the ability to kill two wild birds with one stone and get a helpful skill as I am doing my very own factor rather than using something which nobody knows or likes you.

I ought to add I am particularly thinking about something which provides a free plan. When I stated, Heroku includes a 5mb plan that you could have as much as you would like free of charge I haven't yet find anything similar for just about any other platform, and to tell the truth I am much less thrilled about using Ruby on Rails for everything only to employ this.

Take a look at appharbor.com. We want to function as the 'heroku for .net' and we'll in addition have a free plan to get began - presently things are free though, once we have been in private beta (subscribe to a party invitation to obtain began).

Read much more about it about the blog, blog.appharbor.com

You could also want to look at http://cloudcontrol.com We provide full pay-as-you-go PHP PaaS on the top of Amazon . com EC2 and possess an Add-on system to increase platform features. I am around to reply to any queries you may have and anticipate your feedback.

Why not use Amazon . com EC2 free tier? For those new accounts, you receive a free micro instance (linux) for just one year. You are able to host your php site for just one year free of charge. Next, I am sure you know be it worth having to pay the 25$ approximately monthly or otherwise.

You should check it here - http://aws.amazon . com.com/free/

Checkout biasLogic.com, a .Internet based system that's similar somewhat to heroku but additionally includes some nice features, including high end scaling and event processing, UI based designer for processing and code that may run remotely on any VM... Apparently they're delivering a totally free CTP in The month of january 2011...

Presently their website has been remodeled, but you will get particulars through the email: info@biaslogic.com