I am while using "anytime.js" framework for any wordpress plugin which was produced for exhibiting approaching occasions through WordPress posts.

My problem (and I am unsure how to provide you with relevant code that helped me to) would be that the datepicker has all of a sudden disallowed picking a the month of Feb this year. Quite bothersome considering that tomorrow is Feb!

This is actually the debug I have been able to perform:

  • JS is using the ".ui-condition-disabled" class towards the February selection.
  • The issue is not associated with the month since it is selectable basically slowly move the datepicker as much as 2012.
  • The datepicker hinders choice of "past" dates which is certainly the main reason this really is happening, however the month isn't past :/
  • The issue appears like it's within the core JS since it is happening exactly the same on multiple sites where I personally use the wordpress plugin

Here's an exterior link fully JS file just in case anybody feels generous enough and may place any errors within the code that may be leading to this!


This switched to function as the Strangest problem ever! If you are using anytime.js, check you current local time. It is possible that you're in a new month and anytime.js is stuck in the earlier month because of a noticeable difference between the local timezone and also the timezone where your server is situated. After night time time, the mistake disappeared. I fixed this simply by permitting the datepicker to choose past occasions instead of future only, dangerous but much better than wrangling this crazy bug.