We've apache 2.2.14 but have to upgrade to some greater version because of security weaknesses. Apache 2.2.19 may be the greatest and currently available, but we're not confident that it will likely be suitable for Tomcat 6 we're getting. How do i discover concerning the compatibilities &lifier possible risks? and could it be suitable for tomcat 7?

Nobody guarantees you 100% lack of any issues when improving, however there's little possibility of anything breaking when just hopping a couple of stages in the two.2 line. Additionally, it is dependent how you proxy to Tomcat, only AJP (mod_jk) combines tight by using it, slightly raising the prospect of possible but unlikely issues.

Ultimately, if you are worried, it's dependent on reading through the changelogs. The "just try" approach works too, within the assumption you've got a proper testing/QA stage.