I am hosting a few webservers. I have set the first track of no problems. Around the second server after i make an effort to navigate into it ( I recieve this error "The asked for URL / wasn't available on this server." I understand the port has been submitted correctly because I'm able to access "" all right. I have attempted to find this out for any week approximately now and I am baffled. Any help could be greatly appreciated!

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Apache2 php5

I'll provide any extra information that might be needed. Thanks!

Update - Incorporated config files * apache2.conf * httpd.conf * ports.conf * sites enabled

So far as I realize you, you would like your server to reply on Port 99. Your configuration is listening on Port 80 rather. Alter the following line in sites-enabled:

<VirtualHost *:80>


<VirtualHost *:99>

as well as in ports.conf

NameVirtualHost *:80


NameVirtualHost *:99

Restart your apache. Which should get it done.