I am getting very much of the time setting up a 301 redirect in apache.

Things I want is anything on old-domain.com to redirect to new-domain.com/inform/

I'm not going pages rerouted. Meaning if a person would go to old-domain.com/page/blah.html, when they are rerouted, Among the finest them to visit a subdir on new-domain.com, for example new-domain.com/inform/.

My 301 in the present apache config appears like this:

  Redirect 301 /page http://www.new-domain.com/notify/
  Redirect 301 / http://www.new-domain.com/notify/

That does not work. With anything apart from /page and /, 404 errors abound also it attempted to redirect /page to http://www.new-domain.com/notify/page/

I am wondering if your RewriteRule prior to the Redirect is needed - just truncate all stuff that isn't root. Thanks!

You can easily make use of the RewriteRule to complete the redirect directly.

RewriteRule .* http://www.new-domain.com/notify/ [R=301]

This could walk inside your <VirtualHost> block for old-domain.com.