Problem server: Home windows 2008
Apache Version: 2.2

Ive been getting issues getting an alias to operate on the Home windows Server 2008 box. Exactly the same code is config is working fine on a single of my test conditions that runs Home windows 2003.

Its quite simple. I simply need an alias that moves the request to some local file structure on a single server apache is running from.

What creates 2003:

    <IfModule alias_module>

    #alias attempt
    Alias /pages/images/img C:/folder/anotherFolder/images/img

<Directory C:/folder/anotherFolder/images/img>
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

This is effective in 2003, its getting the files in the local location outdoors from the project.

I've done exactly the same setup on the 2008 and Apache begins however the alias seems never to be utilized sense the brand new directory isn't snapped up.

Also observe that on 2008 Apache is running around the local system account using the folder that should be utilized shared through home windows discussing together with exactly the same directory discussing in apache.

Any idea why this is probably not employed in 2008?