Whenever using apache on the unix system,

In case your file system has symbols in /home/me/web/symbols

and also you want the browser have the ability to display them when calling the url http://www.me.com/icons/myicon.jpg for instance,

then you've a minimum of 2 solutions :

alias ( Alias /symbols/ /home/web/symbols/ )

symbolic links ( ln -s /home/web/symbols /home/me/web/www/symbols )

It appears in my experience that using apache aliases is the greatest choice since we all know just that aliases would normally maintain the /etc/apache2 directory ( to ensure that is simply one place to check out just in case the applying develops ), however i could be pleased to understand about what solution you utilize and how come ?

Utilizing an Alias inside your Apache httpd has many perks over utilizing a symbolic link:

  • Symbolic links require one more disk use of resolve the symbolic link.
  • Alias creates all platforms based on Apache httpd. Symbolic links aren't based on all platforms and filesystems.
  • Your Apache httpd configuration works the exactly same manner on the new system with no need to create symbolic links inside your file system.

Utilizing an alias within the config file effectively documents your configuration. Utilizing a link could work but wouldn't be a strategy i'd take.

On the productions machine I'd use neither. Giving use of a user's directory wouldn't be ideal from the security perspective. From the purpose of version control the icon directory ought to be filled like every other resource whether it is html or any other make up the QA'd release.


if you work with hosting that is shared, you aren't authorised to change the apache config so symlink is definitely an alternative.