I'd already installed apache server on ubuntu 11.04 system. Now I installed Nginx server to possess a ride. Now after i run http://localhost it's running nginx server but inorder to operate apache server I must use However I want both server to become operate on http://localhost. Another factor after i am running localhost it's showing only Thanks for visiting nginx! although not running any one of application inside www folder. Like me a new comer to Nginx I haven't any understanding onto it. So any help or suggestion is going to be highly significant.

I think you'll are speaking about /var/www ??? If so, then look for index.html file that is what being proven like a page whenever you browse http://localhost/.

Either remove this file or change default (/etc/nginx/sites-available/default) host's document-root to suggest towards the folder in which you have the application.

Also, make certain you've ports set up to operate both nginx and apache. FYI, The default port for HTTP is 80.