It's my very first time trying to setup Wordpress or any web site on the cloud hosting. I'm on Ubuntu server, and Wordpress is situated in var/www/mydomain/public folder.

What I wish to achieve is: Both Wordpress (PHP) and SFTP customers can access and customize the same files. And Wordpress should have the ability to do it's automatic update for plug ins, etc.

This is exactly what I've done to date:

  • I've chmodded this folder to 775 to permit group read/write permissions.
  • I've added apache user (www-data) and SFTP user (suser) both to group wordpress.
  • I've made wordpress because the group who owns all files within the wordpress folder.

The things that work:

  • I'm able to edit theme and wordpress plugin files with Wordpress's built-in theme/wordpress plugin editor.

What doesn't work:

  • Wordpress update still requests the FTP particulars to handle the update
  • After I produce a new file with SFTP user, it's permissions is going to be 644, but they must be 775

What I have attempted

So far as I realize, the issue lies somewhere using the permissions/umask factor. I understand hardly any about linux which means this might be a stupid question having a simple solution, however i have no clue how you can repair it.

UPDATE: I didn't realize that I would need to restart the ssh server. Used to do it with this particular command /etc/init.d/ssh restart and then files produced with SFTP have permissions 664 (because they are designed to) Also, it appears that Apache needs to be restarted too, with this particular command: /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

However, Wordpress still will not do automatic update (requests FTP qualifications)