Here's zip task:

<zip destfile="${bindir}/" >
  <fileset dir="${basedir}/Horizon WEB Deploy/Release" >
    <include name="*/*.bin" />
    <exclude name="*/*.pdb" />

What I don't understan is the reason why it don't include any file while, for instance, that one works:

<zip destfile="${bindir}/">
  <fileset dir="${basedir}/Horizon WEB Deploy/Release" />

Could anybody explain and input a functional example?

Thank you for any help )

P.S. Using Jenkins 1.424, whether it matters....

*/*.bin means all of the files ending with .bin and as being a an immediate subdirectory from the fileset dir. Could it be what you would like?

Not rather want **/*.bin, meaning any file ending with .bin, within the fileset dir or perhaps in any subdirectory from the fileset dir, recursively?