I've got a class XMLDataCarrier with a map attribute Map (Integer, XMLDataListWrapper)catPriorityXMLDataMap.

The course XMLDataListWrapper just a listing of strings private List (String) xmlString All classes i.e. XMLDataCarrier,XMLDataListWrapper implement serializable and also have serializable id This information is uncovered using a webservice developed using Axis 1.4

However , once the map catPriorityXMLDataMap is populated with demonstration of XMLDataListWrapper it can't be retieved through the webservice client. A detailed consider the stubs produced for client shows lack of mention of the XMLDataListWrapper

I'm baffled to describe why. Does axis 1.4 support generics? Is the fact that an problem?

Thanks ahead of time Sameer

Note: I haven't used position brackets for generics because it causes problems here displayed

I believe i discovered the problem. Have to produced JAX-WS stubs which support generics rather than RPC stubs. http://users.skynet.be/pascalbotte/rcx-ws-doc/seiclient.htm#SEIDOCLITCOMPLEX