I'm attempting to localize strings produced by Apache Beehive and netui default pager.

Let me translate language of the output.

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My .jsp code looks something similar to this

<netui-data:dataGrid name="searchResultsGrid" dataSource="pageInput.someData">

  <netui-data:configurePager pagerFormat="firstPrevNextLast" pageAction="refresh" pageSize="10"
	disableDefaultPager="false" />

I already found keys I ought to use within translation, but exactly how I configure message qualities file(s) the pager should use?

So far as I will tell, IDataGridMessageKeys is basically an uncovered internal interface, not necessarily intended to be utilized by finish-customers. Like a guess, I'd wager they needed to expose it as being public from inside that package to ensure that other packages to have the ability to utilize it, and could not find one other way (using their build plan) to securely pass it towards the relaxation from the code.

(Obviously, I would be wrong. I'll try rooting with the source more.)