Im presently using Apache behind an Nginx Proxy which works fine with one exception:

Apache waits on Port 8888 and just accepts connections from 127...1 Nginx listens on Port 80 towards the real life - servers static content, does load balancing and handles proxy demands to Apache listening on 8888.

The issue is:

PHP Scripts performed by Apache experience the server Port is 8888. Scripts like phpmyadmin or nusoap provide redirecting and employ this port included in the redirect url. The issue is Port 8888 isn't visible in the outdoors thus no connection can be discovered.

Are you aware in which the configuration went wrong or the way i can pressure php to believe it is focusing on a port 80 Apache server?

When I cannot pin lower the issue I have no idea whether posting my configuration files is needed. Maybe its just a choice I didn't remember or stuff.

If you want I'm able to - of coure - provide additional config lines.

Thanks greatly

Exactly that everybody knows - this is actually the response to the question:

Some douchebag (me) produced an online host using the servername such as the port


Getting rid of the :8888 removed the errors.

Ty all

I suppose you need to simply rewrite the Location header the proxied server sets.

Have a look at