Experimenting with this particular a little, although not getting too much...

The logic of my SQLite code works basically compile it as being a stand-alone executable.

My mod_hello.c compiles and loads/works fine with no SQLite code

Mixing the 2, the module compiles and it is installed, however the apache process dies immediately each time it's loaded. Draining out all of the SQLite code and just connecting against SQLite causes this issue. Quite simply, with similar code:

apxs -cia -L/usr/local/lib -I/home/devin mod_hello.c 
/* Works Fine, prints "hello world" */

apxs -cia -L/usr/local/lib -I/home/devin -lsqlite3 mod_hello.c 
/* compiles but dies on apache load */

The woking platform is OpenBSD 4.6 using the platform's version of Apache 1.3 and SQLite 3.6.20 downloaded in the SQLite site and put together from source

The issue had related to my installing SQLite and producing - after i erased all individuals resulting files and installed the OpenBSD package for SQLite, it labored fine. So there has to be some platform-specific compile tweaks required for the SQLite library. Better to make use of the packages I suppose.

-- devin

Normally at these times, either libsqlite3.so is not in LD_ LIBRARY_PATH, or libsqlite3.so is not quite what you would like to connect to, i.e. there's e.g. libsqlite3.1.to ensure that you need to connect to. So make an effort to to determine the load-time pathways, to make certain libsqlite3.same with there, and to see if there is a libsqlite3.x.so somewhere that you may want to connect to rather. (-lsqlite3.x rather than -lsqlite3