I've two virtual hosts inside my apache config, one for live and something for preview. Within the moment there's no setting about cache as well as for all live clients, this really is fine. However the preview customer with many different changes possess some cache problems in the last days. I don't know if this sounds like an IE problem or otherwise - anyway, I must disable cache for preview like pointed out in http://dabase.com/e/04038/ - but I must keep your cache for live clients. Both (preview and live) are utilizing the same sites and so i think i am unable to make use of the .htaccess for this function?

Have you got any idea the way i could realize this?

BTW, can there be also a method to say: please cache .swf files in preview and live? )


Because the Apache documentation states, the header directives may also be set on server, vhost and directory.

Within this situation add the required directives for your particular vhost conf.