Can there be any tool specifically made to evaluate Apache traffic logs and provide some advices on future load (bandwidth &lifier demands per second)?

I'm trying to find some tools that helped me to get to know the way the server can be used and in which the performance bottleneck can look.

There's Webalizer. For it giving advice, I'm not sure. But it is a start.

I've discovered a pleasant tool with this. It isn't precisely what I would like but it is ok for the time being.

You'll find it in the following page:

I had been trying to find something such as this too and that i found apachetop:

official site:

using and example:

I've not tried on the extender yet, however i hope it will help you.


Another alternative: mod_status. Which appears like may be the one utilized by WHM/cpanel to show current apache demands, etc: