I've huge PHP script which i've been running on Apache 2.2.12 and that i have lately upgraded to Apache 2.2.14. However, my PHP script does not act as it stops in a certain point constantly. I've been working out exactly what the difference is within both of these Apache versions, I've checked out this CHANGELOG and haven't had the opportunity to find out this.

After I try looking in my Apache error log, I've found this before my PHP script does not do other things.

Parent: child process exited with status 255

The errors following this are simply notices plus they finish following a couple of of those.

What alterations in Apache do you consider may cause this? I had been reading through around and that i found a couple of people stating that more recent versions of Apache on Vista (home windows) can identify whenever a PHP script is within an infinite loop and can kill that child, is true?

Thanks all for just about any input.


Apologies, this really is no more relevant. I believe its a PHP problem. I switched from 5.two to five.3 and i believe its use modules. I'll be openning another question.

do this

download this


then copy libmysql.dll to your php directory and restart apache

Really it doesn't connect with modules, but to particular validations produced by the core interpreter, which breaks many nonstrict processes in various PHP programs. Watch out for upgrading PHP to five.3! Mwahahahaha!