Installed Apache Ver 2.2.3 on my small vps with Centos 5.6 however when I attempt the a2dismod and a2enmod got Command not found error.

So what can I actually do to repair it?


  • This really is my first vps which is also my first knowledge about linux and centos.
  • The server is running fine simply need to disable couple of modules.

Possibly individuals instructions weren't inside your path? When the programs have been in your present working directory, try ./a2dismod.

To determine what path our spend is searching, try echo $PATH.

On CentOS you will find no a2enmod and a2dismod instructions. To disable needless modules in Apache you have to execute steps as referred to in the lower finish of - for example - this publish:

I usually use Ubuntu so a2enmod and a2dismod is ubuntu specific only?