I'm curios about ways to set the request qualities for any PostMethod in Apache Commons HttpClient?

I'm refactoring some code written using HttpURLConnection class to publish which appears like the next:

    "Content-Type", "multipart/related; type=\"application/xml\"; boundary="
    + boundary);
conn1.setRequestProperty("Authorization", auth); 

... ...

To make use of:

PostMethod method = new PostMethod(_Server); 
method.setRequestBody(...); or 

But i don't know if / how this can map as to the i would like related to the initial URL class... can anybody help clarify how you can set request qualities with PostMethod class?



Individuals are generally request headers, so you should call setRequestHeader() to determine individuals values around the connection. HttpClient will also support handling fundamental authentication therefore the "Authorization" header could be refactored out, for the way deep your changes go.