I've got a problem.

I ma moving a method in one server to a different and that i discovered a peculiar problem. You will find some pages put into a subfolder such as these:




Now, after i move about the web pages, via some simple menu with links I recieve the majority of the occasions correct hits. But every so often I finish on say:

xttp://test.domain.com/admin/admin/oders.php - which clearly causes 404

After I return to previous page and press the hyperlink again it again works okay. Also after i hover within the links they always show proper pathways no matter whether I will get 404 or otherwise. All links are dynamically produced through the scripts however they work perfectly on old server so that as I only say to some human eye alone everything looks OK, until I press the hyperlink.

Anybody comes with an idea where you can search for a bug or which tool to make use of to determine what's happening after i press the hyperlink? URL mod rewrite? Domain configuration? I'm baffled.

It may sound such as the scripts are becoming confused between

  • [xttp://test.domain.com]/admin/file.php
  • admin/file.php
  • file.php

Without seeing the way the Web addresses are produced you can't really say how this really is happening.