I'm using Apache webserver 2.2 with Content Settlement through Multiviews. I've:

<Directory /home/develop/web/prodBuild>

Options +MultiViews AddEncoding x-gzip .gz


Ezinearticles consists of the gzip files. Therefore if a browser demands the file bla.js, the server will return the file bla.js.gz because the file bla.js does not is available.

However, this content-Type on my small Ubuntu server is anticpated to be "application/x-gzip" that is wrong as it is a javascript file, same with has be "application/javascript"

I've this focusing on my local Home windows Apache server, try not to appear to have it focusing on the remote Ubuntu server. :(... No clue why...

Who/why do setting this wrong Content-Type ?

BTW: I do not have this line "AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz" somwhere during my config, as i quickly realise why it is going wrong.

My workaround: add the next line underneath the above "AddEncoding":

AddType "" .gz

It'll then set a clear string as Content-Type after which it really works.. I believe the browser will attempt to uncover this content type itself...

I really hope somebody can show me why this isn't working and why the information type is placed ? :(

I'm using Apache2 on CentOS and employ 'gzip' for any file extension which isn't utilized in /etc/mime.types files with this problem.

Within this situation, add following directive in configuration file.

Options      +MultiViews
AddEncoding  x-gzip  gzip

Incidentally, there is no mime.conf file on Apache2 on CentOS and taking advantage of TypesConfig directive rather.

Within this situation, to complete exactly the same factor, you've options

  • to edit /etc/mime.types file or
  • to comment out TypesConfig directive and make new mime.conf file like Apache2 on Ubuntu.

However I did not do these ways.

I did not customize the mime.types file because Apache around the CentOS is applying system-wide mime.types file and editing this file appears to become getting worse maintainability. I additionally do not want produce a mime.conf like Ubuntu by getting rid of TypesConfig directive (it's disturbing me).

I figured while using RemoveType directive also appears to become a great way to avoid this issue, however it does not work nicely.