I am attempting to use Apache Digester (V3) to process an XML file which consists of 'thread-dumps' : so file consists of many thread-dumps, one thread-dump consists of many threads, and something thread consists of a stacktrace, featuring its many lines

Such as this: (Simplified)

<threaddump name="xxx">
<thread name="thread-1">
<thread name="thread-2">
<threaddump name="yyy">

I'm utilizing a XML-based rule to process this input file fragment below:

<pattern value="thread">
                <object-create-rule classname="mypackagemodel.Thread"/>
                <set-next-rule methodname="addThread" paramtype="mypackagemodel.Thread"/>
                    <alias attr-name="name" prop-name="name" />
                <pattern value="stacktrace/line">
                        <object-create-rule classname="mypackagemodel.StackLine"/>
                        <set-next-rule methodname="addStackLine" paramtype="mypackagemodel.StackLine"/>
                        <!-- need something here -->

How do you pull that text out of the among 'line' tags though ? I am already matching on 'stacktrace/line', there's no sub-element to make use of - what exactly pattern can one use ?

One other way of putting it - The 'StackLine' object has been produced and connected properly - its exactly that I'm not sure things to call my 'setName()' setter with ?

(In XSLT you might generally use '.' or 'current()' inside a similar scenario for example)

First got it : apparently a clear pattern string will match the present node's text:

This labored for me personally:

<bean-property-setter-rule pattern="" propertyname="line"/>