I've the next Apache directives to process every *.xml file on the internet server:

AddHandler ae_xslt .xml     
Action ae_xslt test.php

DirectoryIndex index.xml index.php index.html

However , I recieve an interior server error (500). After I try looking in the Apache error logs I recieve the next error:

Htaccess: Action takes two arguments, a media type then a script title

I add the handler 'ae_xslt' connected with xml files after which I set the script 'test.php' with handler 'ae_xslt'. Thus every *.xml file should go through the script 'test.php'

I do not see wrong with this particular action! Exactly what do I miss here?

Allow me to explain the answer.

The one thing was I really had the next bit of code:

AddHandler ae_xslt .xml # here some comments

Now Apache thinks you will find really 3 parameters, rather than the needed 2. Obviously you might add comments but you're not permitted to comment on a single line because the code!