I simply setup a nearby web server on the new Mac running 10.6 (Apache2 / PHP / Mysql). Everything appears to become working fine except after i navigate to SOME (not most) pages Apache downloads php files rather than performing them.

I figured this may have something related to time it requires php to complete the script and so i elevated my "max_execution_time" however it did not help.

If only I possibly could give more particulars however the error logs don't output anything and so i genuinely have no clue why this really is happening. One factor that could be of significance is the fact that only pages that do not query the database appear to operate each time.


Just discovered something strange that may give more insite in to the problem. Basically type the next Web addresses:

localhost/index.php // the house page is offered up properly

localhost/index.php?page=1 // the house page is offered up properly

localhost/index.php?page=home // ERROR: index.php is downloaded !!!!!!!!!!

localhost/index.php?page=contact // the contact page is offered up properly

localhost/index.php?page=blog // ERROR: index.php is downloaded

localhost/index.php?page=10 // your blog page is offered up properly

You could attempt adding this for your conf or htaccess:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Make certain apache is running and php is installed.

And when that does not work, try re-installing everything.