I'm receiving some mysterious errors during my apache error log. For instance:

File doesn't exist: /home/httpd/vhosts/studentlife.co.il/httpdocs/help_center/div.hot-jobs

File doesn't exist: /home/httpd/vhosts/studentlife.co.il/httpdocs/solutions/function.filesize

File doesn't exist: /home/httpd/vhosts/studentlife.co.il/httpdocs/work_abroad/div.publish

Now I do not understand - how did my divs and processes all of a sudden become files?? Obviously they don't exist, they're divs and processes designed in the code. So I don't know why I get these file doesn't exist errors.

Also, how do i debug this, since in room shall we be held attempting to access files with one of these names?

Any insight is going to be great.

I'd say don't be concerned about this.

I can produce a request /the/answer/to/life/the/universe/and/everything.42 also it would appear inside your error log.

Most likely some spider is looking for weaknesses inside your site and it is at random trying Web addresses. If you notice exactly the same pages a lot then start checking to determine whether you've any damaged links, otherwise be done with it.

You could utilize FireBug to determine the return codes (you're searching for 404) of HTTP demands made whenever you open your site. Perhaps you have some typo inside your HTML.

I'd this same problem within this scenario:

  1. wamp installation
  2. system was running perfectly til 12 , 01/2010.
  3. restarted computer on 12 , 02/2010.
  4. apache wouldn't launch and was logging [Thu 12 , 02 09:15:45 2010] [error] [client 127...1] File doesn't exist: C:/wamp/www/announce

then, only then, I reminded myself I'd just installed SKYPE on 12 , 01/2010 which, on home windows, we have got this conflict between your phone program and apache fighting for that port 80, I suppose.

closed Skype, restarted services and voi là: my product is back. =)