I've got a clean copy of CentOS.

Just installed Apache, PHP and MySQL. Everything works like no bodies business.

Aside from I produced a brand new user, let us refer to it as 'demo'.

I produced a brand new virtual directory in httpd.conf and pointed it to '/home/demo/www'. I produced a clear index.html under '/home/demo/www'.

Apache is running under user 'apache' and group 'apache'.

Maybe user 'apache' does not need user 'demo's file, this is exactly why I recieve the Forbidden problem?

Have you got any ideas how you can solve this issue?



Without seeing your config files It is not easy to obtain the right place, however Apache won't show 403 if he doesn't have permissions on files.

403 means the customer(your browser) hasn't a permission to see this content

I believe you've got a trailing slash problem. Just do this code:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin hello@demosite.com
    DocumentRoot /home/demo/www/
    ServerName DemoSite
    ErrorLog logs/sb-error_log
    CustomLog logs/sb-access_log common

The answer ended up being to provide a 'chmod 755' to '/home/demo'.