Apache functions like has arrived at towards the maximum client value and that i can't see even default apache's "works" page but it's not. I can tell that from server-status. It's also an improvement server and restricted with intranet. So, difficult.

I additionally re-defined ServerLimit and reduced timeout value, switched off keepalive in Apache's config but nothing change. An amount you suggest ?

A couple of extra info :

It's a virtual machine ( VmWare )

Ram amount : 512 Megabytes / Actual usage ~150mb

CPU : 1 x 2.40 ghz / Load : .00-.050

Apache version is 2.2

  • look into the logs
  • Apache produces one new child process per second, just one. Attempt to increase StartServers and MinSpareServers. Knowing the number of apache child place the with you put time for MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers and MaxClients
  • 512M is short. If a person Apache process takes 64M (usually it's around 20MB, however with such things as Drupal we very often see 128M per process), you'll be able to only handle 512/64=8 child process, so a MaxClient=8. Should you tell Apache the MaxClient is 150, then give hime some RAM to deal with that, or make sure that the application isn't overeating RAM.