I'm using apache 2.2.17 for home windows. To setup .htaccess file, after i was dealing with httpd.conf file, i wasn't capable of finding the term known as “AccessFileName”. In my opinion there ought to be a line such as this: AccessFileName .htaccess. How do i solve this??

Here may be the httpd.conf file..

Thanks ahead of time...:)


As possible read here

It states:

While processing a request the server searches for the very first existing configuration file out of this listing of names in each and every directory from the path towards the document, if distributed configuration files are enabled for that directory. For instance:

AccessFileName .acl

before coming back the document /usr/local/web/index.html, the server will read /.acl, /usr/.acl, /usr/local/.acl and /usr/local/web/.acl for directives, unless of course they've been disabled with

<Directory> AllowOverride None </Directory>

The AccessFileName .htaccess is default. If it's not present, that's how it is using. Should you to love make use of a different filename, you can include the road in and replace .htaccess accordingly.

I solved it by altering AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All inside <Directory>